Welcome and pamper your guests in style with our new collection of modern and elegant Welcome Gifts. They have been designed to meet your needs, and will ravish your guests, even the most special ones. For prices and details, please write us: contact171studio@gmail.com


ASIAN PEANUTS - Delicious Asian peanuts delivered in a traditional Balinese box. Net weight 50g.

Asian Peanuts Bali

ZEN BOX - 4 coasters designed with zen quotes and placed in a traditional Balinese box.


zen coasters box 2 coasters bali zen

zen coaster 1

GRAPHIC COASTERS - 4 modern coasters placed in a traditional Balinese box.

graphic coasters box

bali icons coasters

icons bali coasters

BALI GRAPHIC BAGS - Lovely bags available in two size and two designs with small inner pocket. Delivered in a nice black pouch. Small:32x26cm – Large: 40x37cmBali Graphic bags

BARONG MASKS - Two Barong Masks in an elegant black pouch.

Barong Bali

ATTRACTIVE &MODERN MAGNETS-Set#1 - Two Acrylic Graphic Magnets in a Nice Box. Magnet size: 7x5cm

ATTRACTIVE &MODERN MAGNETS-Set#2 - Two Acrylic Photographic Magnets in a Nice Box. Magnet size: 7x5cm

Magnets Bali

ART BOOK /HARD COVER/ »WELCOME TO SMISLAND » - A Fresh and colorful tour of Bali. A shiny, modern and sparkling book.

Bali Book

BALI ART BOX - Traditional embossed metal box with 3 professional photo prints annotated by the artist inside. Ready to be framed, these three photographies are placed in a lovely balinese printed cloth pouch. Available in two sizes. ( 20cm*20cm / 15cm*15cm )

Bali Art Box